New Moon… Make a Wish!

Here are 2 lovely articles to help you make the most of this New Moon 🙂

♥♥♥ New Moon Wishes ♥♥♥

The New Moon is a powerful time to make wishes, acknowledge intentions, goals or heartfelt dreams. These wishes are sincere and intuitive and are made for the highest good of all.

Have you ever made wishes at the time of the New Moon? It is a potent time to harness this powerful energy of new beginnings and plant seeds that you would like to see come to fruition in your life. You can call them wishes, goals, intentions – it is something that you intuitively know in your heart. Know that they will come true.

You will find your own personal, meaningful way to make your wishes and there are some things that are essential.

Do you have a journal you’ve been saving to use for a worthy cause? Nice paper, favorite pen? Okay, just some paper and a pen? You’ll need to hand write your wishes – this is mandatory.

Where will you be at the time of the New Moon? Can you picture a quiet place where you’ll be able to take a few moments to be still? Light a candle if you like, incense too if that’s something you enjoy and sit quietly for a few moments. Be aware of your breath and notice the difference from when you first sat down to being in a more peaceful state.

This helps put you in a state where you are more receptive to hear what your heartfelt wishes are. When it feels right, write your wishes down. Write only up to 10 wishes.

Highly recommended is adding the words “I want to easily find” to your wishes. I’ve started adding “With ease . . .” before my wishes. It helps ease the changes you’ll see in your life. So you might word a wish for more money “I want to easily find prosperity in my life” as opposed to “I want to be rich.” They both lead to more money but the second example might happen because of unfavorable circumstances.

Once you’ve finished writing your 10 wishes down, date it, roll up your paper with ribbon if you like and place it in a nice box or special place you have in mind. Know that these heartfelt wishes are on the way.

Key points to making wishes on the New Moon

1. Write wishes as near to the exact time of the New Moon as possible.
2. Hand write up to 10 wishes only.
3. Up to 8 hours after New Moon still potent time.
4. Up to 48 hours after – less potent time for wishes.
5. Write down heartfelt wishes only.
6. Don’t make wishes to change someone else.
7. Know that these wishes are on the way.

Blessings on y(our) day! May we find time every day to appreciate the sacred within and without.

Adapted from ~ wellwishersgroup.wordpress.Com

Love Carolyn ♥


New Moon May 2013. Your life may or may not be written.

from Jon Waldrup, Incarnational Astrologer

My favorite excerpt:

So the starting point is to say, “My life is like this because I have chosen to be born.” There are so many methods to “rise above,” to transcend, to get back to the spirit plane from whence we came. But you know, if that’s the point of it all, why bother being born? If transcendence is the point, I want my money back.

Those of you who have been reading my columns know that I advocate incorporating a Lunar sense of time into your life. Incorporation meaning, “to bring into the body.” For those of you who might be reading me for the first time, I will say that it is very freeing to live your life from New Moon to New Moon. For the New Moon, every month, is a chance to be reborn. All the stresses of your life, whether relational, professional or personal, can be released each New Moon.

Life on the Gregorian calendar is separated from this natural cycle, which influences all life forms here on Earth. In the Gregorian system, January 1st – or the first of any month, or any given Monday – is really an arbitrary point in time when viewed in an energetic sense. But for most of us in the Western world, these are our starting points.

I think there are people who would like to say that there is some kind of dark intentionality to the Gregorian system, that it’s a Patriarchal construct designed to externalize us, to keep us from recognizing who we really are, inside. I have held that point of view, though now I hold that that sort of thinking gives my power away. Whether or not there is a “why” for the banality of Western Civ, as soon as I am aware of that, that I am caught in its net, it is my responsibility to change my life. Only victims blame.

On Thursday, May 9th at 8:28 PM US Eastern Time, the Moon renews Herself in the 20th degree of the Sign of Taurus. As this New Moon is on one of its nodes, this is an Annular Solar eclipse, which is visible in totality across Australia and a broad swath of the Pacific Ocean. If you aren’t sure what the Moon’s nodes are, or how they play into eclipses, here’s a good place to start learning about it:

For me, the Lunar Cycle is something other than an astrological moment. It has something to say about the experience of Life Force energy that all living beings experience regardless of their ability to observe other beings. In other words, protozoans, leafy beings, insects, bears, fish – all of these are sensitive to the Lunar Cycle. And as I am committed to deepening my sense of energetic unity with all Life forms here, I practice – and am an advocate for – feeling this cycle.

Other astrologers are more into eclipses than I am, but I am “into” the nodes for sure. And astrologically speaking, this is an especially interesting New Moon in that it is part of an especially massive and narrow cluster of astrological energy. Mars is in 15 degrees of Taurus, the South node is in 17 degrees, Mercury is in 18 degrees, and the Sun, Moon, and Pallas are in 20 degrees of Taurus.

So, if we choose to be reborn on this New Moon, we are taking on a commitment to replay many themes from our past, in order to become so in touch with them that we can recognize them in action, in real time.

The Taurean impulse to experience life as fresh and wondrous and new is likely to be expressed in a very South Nodey, past life pattern sort of way at this time. The obstinacy and single-mindedness of Mars or Mercury in Taurus wants us to relive the ways in which we have created our loops. Pallas conjunct the South node in Taurus is an especially brittle sort of fear of diving into these loops.

Looking at this energetic cluster, I would say that, at this time, many of us are given to rejecting, in a very strong way, what we recognize as “old” in our lives – while at the same time being swamped by all sorts of old energies to fight against. The harder we struggle, the more difficult it gets.

Maybe you have found yourself swamped in old patterns? And maybe you have said “no” to them in such a way that you have created some backlash?

Another way to think of the Moon’s cycle is to think of each New Moon as setting the tone for the whole waxing and waning cycle that follows. Something to note now, as we begin the next cycle, is that on May 20th Pluto and Uranus are forming the third of seven exact waxing squares, which to me express the great challenge and opportunity of our time. The outer planets are like shamans, they take us on these Hero journeys of our lives. And the waxing square is the densest part of the journey, when we tend to create the most karma. Which we do by resisting the life cycle.

So I see this New Moon as a particularly deep opportunity to think about things like the creation of karma – personal and collective. And as I choose not to be a victim, I can only ask myself how I can BE, in an energetic sense, true to who I am feeling myself to be. I can’t say, “My life is like this because my partner is this or that…,” I can’t say, “My life is like this because the government is this or that….”

So the starting point is to say, “My life is like this because I have chosen to be born.” There are so many methods to “rise above,” to transcend, to get back to the spirit plane from whence we came. But you know, if that’s the point of it all, why bother being born? If transcendence is the point, I want my money back.

Rather, I choose to Descend, to come in here, into the experience of life-in-a-body, this incredible sense-organ, of which my mind is only a part. Thoughts are just feelings, really. They’re just as subjective and (shall I say it?) irrational as Love itself. This is all just so juicy, so dramatic – can you play it out with a smile on your lips?

From John Sandbach’s Chandra series of zodiac degree symbols, here is Taurus 20, where the Sun, Moon, and Pallas are combined to give us a New sense of the genius of this play we cast ourselves in. The symbol is, “A fork in the road with a blank signpost.”

The karmic cycle is the ultimate map, once you learn to recognize it. So we can be grateful that there is a south node to help us see it. But, once we see (and accept as our creation) where we are, we suddenly have the option of taking off into new territory.

Whether the path you choose in this moment takes you forward into the unknown or loops you back into the familiar, may you choose to love yourself. You have given yourself, by being born, the opportunity to participate in Life. Gruesome, tragic, glorious, ecstatic. Tragi-comic.

May you humble yourself to this opportunity – enough to be willing to play your part.

Which only you can know.

What could be better than a blank signpost on a New Moon?

May She set you free!

With Love,


“If you meet your destiny half way, it will meet you all the way.”
Ellias Lonsdale.

Thank you,

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
(208) 290-8578
Skype: fulfillmentdegree30
Follow me on Twitter: @jon_waldrup


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